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2022 Shelter Island the Snapper Derby Photographs:

Below you will find photographs from the 2021 Snapper Derby as of today. Here are the 2021 Snapper Derby photographs. If you would like to have your photograph posted here, please send them to the following e-mail photos@shelterislandsnapperderby.org

5 frames of pictures As your drove around the island you were able to see ads for the 2022 Snapper Derby I got one I got one at first bridge Daniel & Christian Kolby with their logo design Ford Heaney with his catch
5 frames of pictures Registration is the first step Weigh my snapper Food is being made Free T- Shirts to be given out At the registration table
5 frames of pictures Family all with the same t-shirt Jackson Clark with his 8.45 lbs blue fish Time just to relax and wait for the winners being announced Everyone under the tent to keep out of the sun Snapper to be cleaned and fried
5 frames of pictures Nice large watermelon to be cut Food to be eaten Lots of people as some check out the logo signs Checking out the trophies Watching the snapper on the scale
5 frames of pictures The logo signs to be judged All the food under the tent Hamburgers being made to order 2022 Snapper Derby Winners Getting ready to announce the winners
5 frames of pictures 2022 Snapper Derby Design winner. Designed by Josie & Rhys Nadeau, Sloane & Charlie Katta, Roland Donovan 2022 Snapper Derby Design winner. Designed by Alexandra Boyle 2022 Snapper Derby Design winner. Designed by Ryan Boyle 2022 Snapper Derby Design winner. Designed by Eluah Freund Peyton Brantuk with his winning snapper
5 frames of pictures Peyton Brantuk could not wait to have his snapper fried at the Snapper Derby Peyton Brantuk happy to get his free t-shirt Jackson Clark with a winner snapper trophy
Shelter Island Snapper Derby