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Shelter Island Snapper Derby Logo Competition:

The 2020 Snapper Derby has been canceled due to the corona virus.

The annual Snapper Derby logo design competition is held on the same day as the snapper derby. The winners will have their designs printed on the following year's t-shirts that are handed out free to all participants of the snapper derby. Forget about the fishing competition, this is where the real competition is. Why just throw your winning snapper trophy in the closet to collect dust when you can have your design worn by all participants on snapper day and the days after. So go for it.

To get involved you will need to do the following:

  1. Pick up your blank 4'x4' board at Binder Pools. Located just north of the Medical Center on route 114.
  2. Remember parents, have a good time with your kids but they have to paint the design.
  3. Remember to paint on the back of the board your name so that the selection committee will know who to call at the awards ceremony.
  4. Voting is done by the Snapper Committee.

2019 Derby Logo Competition Submissions:

7 frames of pictures Designed by James Harwood 2019 Snapper Derby Design winner. Designed by Russell Lowell Designed by Nolan Sanwald Designed by Ryleigh Sanwald Designed by Lila Pfitzer Designed by Ryan Sanwald Designed by Luca & Patrick
7 frames of pictures Designed by Nathan Sanwald Designed by Madeline & Juliana Mitchel Designed by Maxine, Alexa and Samantha Marsh Designed by Alexa and Maxine Marsh 2019 Snapper Derby Design winner. Designed by Angus Deely Designed by India & Teddy Eisenstadt 2019 Snapper Derby Design winner. Designed by Eli Eisenstadt

   So go for it and Paint, Paint and PAINT!!!

Shelter Island Snapper Derby