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2023 Shelter Island the Snapper Derby Photographs:

Below you will find photographs from the 2023 Snapper Derby as of today. Here are the 2022 Snapper Derby photographs. If you would like to have your photograph posted here, please send them to the following e-mail photos@shelterislandsnapperderby.org

5 frames of pictures As your drove around the island you were able to see ads for the 2023 Snapper Derby Jackson fishing at 2nd bridge Jackson with his fish Family fishing at 2nd bridge Fishing at 2nd bridge
5 frames of pictures Selling bait at 1st bridge 1st bridge fishing The trophies The weigh in Goodies for the kids
5 frames of pictures We got some snappers Binder family showing off the snapper Preparing the snapper to be fried Popcorn for the kids Free t-shirts for the kids
5 frames of pictures Registration line Display of the logo design Kids enjoying the food and atmosphere Snapper in the frying pan Watching the blue fish on the scale
5 frames of pictures Tom Kenny thinks that he caught the largest blue fish for the day Tom Kenny caught a 10.08 pound blue fish, which is the winning one. Three of the largest blue fish for the day I am enjoying my watermelon Getting ready to register for the weigh in
5 frames of pictures At weigh in At weigh in Corn hole court in the back I get to pick a free t-shirt Getting read for the awards announcement
5 frames of pictures 2023 Logo Design Winner. Designed by Sofie Ratner & Max Toth The logo designs about to be judged Cards hold the winners 2023 Logo Design Winner. Designed by William Merz 2023 Logo Design Winner. Jordan Merz(Goodman) winning logo design
5 frames of pictures 2023 Snapper Derby Design winners Packing it up for next year, summer is over on Shelter Island Couple of the winners Pietce Shea standing next to his logo Most of 2023 Snapper Derby winners
Shelter Island Snapper Derby