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2017 Shelter Island the Snapper Derby Photographs:

Below you will find photographs from the 2017 Snapper Derby as of today. If you would like to have your photograph posted here, please send them to the following e-mail photos@shelterislandsnapperderby.org

5 frames of pictures Signs advertising the Snapper Derby seen around the island Four friends(l-r) Riley,Brian, Nicholas and Paul started fishing at 6:00 am at Crescent Beach Nicholas holding on of this fish for the catch and release competition at Crescent Beach (l-r) Riley,Brian, Nicholas and Paul casting at Crescent Beach At First Bridge(l-r) Max, Olivia and Brian trying their luck
5 frames of pictures Sabasbtian and Cryus fishing at First Bridge but just caught a Porgy Sabasbtian and Cryus giving the Porgy another chance in life Fishing is fun at First Bridge Boats at Dering Harbor Jackson age six, fishing near Jacks
5 frames of pictures Andres Khuri age 12, holding his catch at First Bridge Fishing at Second Bridge for the Snapper Derby Near Second Bridge, Nicholas wading in the water to catch some snapper Taking a easy canoe ride near Second Bridge Father showing his son the technique in removing the fish hook
5 frames of pictures Keeping the Snapper fresh Son and Father with their catch of the day Eligha, age 6, intrigued with the object on top of Trinity's, age 4, hat Trinity looking at the strange fish that her brother, Eligha, has caught Eligha showing his shell
5 frames of pictures The trophies ready to be taken Each child who caught a snapper will get a free t-shirt with a logo from last year's design winners The sponsors of the snapper derby get their own t-shirt My snapper is a bit light this year(0.245 lb) Andres Khuri with his 4.64 lb blue next to Darrin, Snapper Derby organizer
5 frames of pictures Mia & Ava Kowalski next to their logo design Standing next to their logo design Peter Deely holding his 2.275 lb blue next to Darrin, Snapper Derby organizer Anyone that wanted, could have their snapper cleaned and fried to be eaten Isabelle Laton standing next to her logo design
5 frames of pictures Watermelon ready to be eaten, food was free for the kids Samantha Marsh next to her logo design All the fish in the cooler Burgers and Franks getting ready to be cooked Logo design boards ready to be judged
5 frames of pictures The Kaasik girls next to their logo design board Standing next to their logo design board A blowfish but this is a snapper derby! Just another small snapper Which snapper should I weigh
5 frames of pictures Waiting for the snapper weight Could this be a winner Just another snapper to weigh Parker Lapidas waiting for his fried snapper Free pizza for the kids
5 frames of pictures I like this watermelon A large crowd for the 2017 Snapper Derby It is slimy, do I have to touch it? Just another snapper You pick it up!
5 frames of pictures Shortly we will have the awards ceremony Getting ready to have my snapper fried Time is running out before the awards Our board used to keep track of the winners 2017 Shelter Island Snapper Derby winners
5 frames of pictures Standing next to one of the 2017 winning logo design Packing things up, which only means that summer is over! Lilah Marsh standing next to her winning 2017 Snapper Derby Logo Design Marco Frezo, Henry Cruz, Riley Ranault, & Nicholas Vandebergen,  2017 Snapper Derby Winners
Shelter Island Snapper Derby