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2014 Shelter Island the Snapper Derby Photographs:

Below you will find photographs from the 2014 Snapper Derby. If you would like to have your photograph posted here, please send them to the following e-mail photos@shelterislandsnapperderby.org

5 frames of pictures Sign in front of the American Legion advertising the Snapper Derby Yes, Hold on the fishing pole hard but few snappers at about 3pm at second bridge A boy in the grass at second bridge What is at the end of this fishing line on Second Bridge Should not the child be the one fishing?
5 frames of pictures Couple of families getting ready to fish at Second Bridge Be careful and not fall in at Second Bridge Going to catch some minnows at Second Bridge Not much happening at First Bridge Fishing and sitting on the hand rail at First Bridge
5 frames of pictures Tools of the trade just missing the tradesman at Second Bridge Father showing his kids how to fish at Daniel Lord road All the tents are up and just waiting for the start of the Snapper Derby. Many of the volunteers are Lions Club members Ellie & Maddie Pedone doing the finishing touches on their logo before the competition Standing by their logo but we are sure they did not do it.
5 frames of pictures Nicholas Aronow standing next to his knock off master piece Second place winners, Juliana & Madeline Mitchell wrote their names on the back of their board, but some people still forget Popcorn is ready to go Hamburgers and frankfurters are starting to sizzle All the free shirts that are about to be handed out to the kids
5 frames of pictures Bringing in the logo signs for the competition Here is a bird's eye view of the snapper derby Darrin the head coordinator of the snapper derby Another bird's eye view but this time can you spot Darrin, check the previous photo if you do not know what he looks like A fishing lure to catch who knows what?
5 frames of pictures First to register for the snapper derby Johanna Kaasik with her 4th place snapper Time to check out the signs Ugly, but the other ends are fried to be eaten How much does my weigh?
5 frames of pictures Kids with the food having a good time What? Is my that small I can not find my Yes it smells but here it is Check my winning fish
5 frames of pictures Yes, I know it is small but do I have a chance? Aliya Fisher next to her design Standing in line weight in line in the hot sun The kids looking at the trophies that will be handed out later in the day Yes, I am enjoying the fried snapper
5 frames of pictures The 'Beach Bums' next to their design The Laton family proudly standing next to their design, with Isabelle Layton holding her blue fish winner trophy The Petry Family Darrin Binder, Ella petry, Richard Petry & Todd Petry The 2014 Shelter Island Snapper Derby winners
5 frames of pictures The 2014 Shelter Island Snapper Derby winners The 2014 Shelter Island Snapper Derby winners The 2014 Shelter Island Snapper Derby winners The 2014 Shelter Island Snapper Derby winners The 2014 Shelter Island Snapper Derby winners in an official shot
5 frames of pictures The 2014 Shelter Island Snapper Derby winners, joking around The 2014 Shelter Island Snapper Derby sponsors get their names written on the shirts Jimmy cleaning up the tables after the snapper derby is over 2nd Place Design Winner: Juliana & Madeline Mitchell 1st Place Design Winner: Frances & Beatrice Rosato
Shelter Island Snapper Derby