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2012 Shelter Island the Snapper Derby Photographs:

Below you will find photographs from the 2012 Snapper Derby. If you would like to have your photograph posted here, please send them to the following e-mail photos@shelterislandsnapperderby.org

5 frames of pictures The signs all over the island for the Snapper Derby Two boys at Second Bridge patiently fishing for snappers Second Bridge is a hot spot, even a boat showed up. Erik Thilberg from it won the Catch & Release Award Fishing on the shore line at Second Bridge Shore line fishing at Second Bridge
5 frames of pictures When will a snapper take a bite, at Second Bridge Two boys determined to catch a snapper at Second Bridge Mason about to throw out his line at Second Bridge Fish going after the bait that snappers like Second Bridge was crowded, since it is a good place to catch fish with the tide going out
5 frames of pictures Fishing near First Bridge Fishing on First Bridge but not much action Event organizer, Frank Adipietro, Lions Club president(left), Kathy Binder and Jimmy Father signing in his son Frank Adipietro, Lions Club president, moving th snapper derby along
5 frames of pictures Two kids guarding the drinks. This year, only water was given out to help prevent child obesity We are all waiting for the start of the weighing Susan Binder waiting to fry the snappers Here is my snapper, looks small? So do I have a winner
5 frames of pictures I have a hard time deciding which t-shirt to get Free t-shirts given out to all the kids Check out my blue, it should be a winner Check my snapper, it should be a winning one. Did I appear in next years photos? All standing in line to have their snappers weighed
5 frames of pictures Taking time to have their picture taken in front of their logo Dad, I am having fun at the annual snapper derby Frank Adipietro, Lions Club president, talking as the kids check out the trophies The logo signs to be judged The kids were provided with all the food that they wanted for free
5 frames of pictures I came to watch the cleaning of the snapper Will I be one of the lucky few to hold a trophy asks Stefan Kasowitz? Yes you will, two of them! Jimmy, event coordinator, can not provide the answer to the number of snappers caught and released All getting ready to hear the winners of the Snapper Derby Father and son taking time for a photo
5 frames of pictures Lion Club member taking some time off to grab a bite A participant waiting in line for the hot juicy hamburgers It was a full crowd at the event but it has always been that way Frank Adipietro, Lions Club president, deciding on the winning logo design Frank Adipietro, Lions Club president, about to announce the winners
5 frames of pictures 2012 Logo design winner, Egan Cass(left) and Juliana & Madeline Mitchell coming in second The 2012 Shelter Island Snapper Derby Winners After the Derby is over, the staff takes a break for a photograph Check out my logo design Kids waiting for the left over pop corn
Shelter Island Snapper Derby