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The 2023 Snapper Derby:

snapper on the rope This year the snapper derby was held on Saturday September 2nd from 4:00pm to 4:45pm at the Shelter Island Library tent. Awards announcement was at 5:00pm.

The turn out for the 2023 Snapper Derby was better than last year but the snappers were small. We did have several large blue fish that were turned in. If you did catch some snapper, please email a photo along with a caption to photos@shelterislandsnapperderby.org to have it posted on the Derby web-site. Kids, had a great time fishing with their parents.

In the logo design competition, we again had many excellent designs which made it difficult to decide who created the best. In the end, all the kids were winners.

We like to thank all our sponsors that made this event a great success! Please visit our sponsor's page and become a sponsor for the event. The money that will be raised will go to local charities.

Have a great summer fishing!!

2023 Snapper Derby Awards Video
Send In Your Photographs:
snapper on the rope

Please remember if you would like to have your Snapper Derby photos to be posted, send them to us. This web site has been up for 10 years now and we have received just eight photographs from the parents. Does this mean that no one is taking photographs of their kids fishing. It so easy to take a photo with a digital camera today!

Shelter Island Snapper Derby